Here ’ s Lizzie.
Here's Lizzie. She knows how to relax.

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Check out my videos on YouTube under the "Travels with Aunt Carol" series name. I primarily use these as introductions to historic art sites for my online art history students at Imperial Valley College.

James S. Hegarty (my nephew) is an artist/programmer currently earning his doctorate in computer science at Stanford University. Having worked for Intel and Pixar, and studied in Germany, he has become an avid foodie. His animations have earned national awards. Please check out his site.

My niece, Anna Hegarty, is pursuing a bachelor of fine art degree at Washington University in St. Louis. Please check out her portfolio. Anna creates environments using various materials drawn from experiences such as a summer in Japan studying traditional indigo dye methods and ceramics. While studying art in Florence, she learned local cuisine from her home stay,a professional cooking instructor.

Here ’ s Soleil.<
Here's Soleil. He's always smiling.

This is my brother James Hegarty's official Naereaon site. Naereaon is a non-violent adventure computer game. There are free episodes available on his site as well as full versions for sale. Naereaon is now available on iTunes.

Jim is a jazz pianist. His recordings are available on iTunes and his website. Here's my brother's site with all of his music: Noise Reduction Society.

Here is artist and colleague Tom Gilbertson's site.Tom is a veteran represented at the Vietnam Museum in Chicago. He currently teaches drawing and is the director of the Imperial Valley College Art Gallery.

Here ’ s Davey with my shyest cat, Katie.<
Here's Davey with my shyest cat, Katie. She's doing better: she comes up on the bed for cuddles every night.

This is a work in progress...and just a few of my favorites....

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Legion of Honor

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum of Modern Art

Whitney Museum of American Art


The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

Here ’ s Bleuet.<
Bleuet is the newest member of the family. He is a sweet little guy with a big sense of humor. He loves to play laser and sit in the middle of my bed. He's growing out a haircut here, otherwise he'd be twice the size - all fur.

I am a follower of Mary Baker Eddy and Science and Spirituality.

Howard Johnston is my significant 'other.' He remains incognito.

Best place to buy orchids (in the continental US):

Orchids by Hausermann.

One of my favorite aps is from even though I am vegetarian. I also like

All of my Persian cats are from shelters. Every one except Pink came to me through Helping Persians, a non-profit based in Beverly Hills, California. I also recommend looking on Pet Harbor where shelters post current available or found animals - these are the animals that really need help! or, where rescues list available pets. I found Pink through - she was at the Ivine County shelter.